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Dance Medicine

Dance Medicine is a unique area of expertise that traditional physical therapy clinics may not address.  As a dancer myself, I am able to identify issues with the body's bio-mechanics, dancer dysfunctions, as well as address dance technique to help the dancer overcome injuries.  By having a physical therapist that understands the terminology and technique, I am able to more effectively help the dancer recover and prevent future injury. 


At Innovate Physical Therapy, I am able to design programs that will address bio-mechanics of the dancer, efficiency of movement, improve neuromuscular control, and enhance performance.  We treat dance related injuries as well as work on injury prevention, so that you can keep dancing and decrease likelihood of recurring injuries.


​​Don't let an injury slow you down and keep you from reaching your goals.  Schedule a complimentary Discovery Visit to see how Innovate Physical Therapy can help you keep dancing without pain or limitation. 


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