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Sports Performance & Rehab

Being an athlete comes with injuries.
The type of injury and subsequent rehabilitation will depend on your sport and it is essential to seek out a physical therapist who understands the unique skill set needed by you to return to play without limitation. Injuries do not always need to be an omen for the cessation of participation but some active rest may need to be implemented.
The staff at Innovate Physical Therapy is dedicated to assisting you in the safe and quick return to full participation in your passion. Manual therapy will be used to address limitations in soft tissues and joints. This will be accompanied by individualized and highly specific movement techniques to enhance neuromotor function and strength. Your particular sport and requirements for participation will always be the foundation of your treatment. Preventive care will also be emphasized to avoid future injury.
Injuries don't have to slow you down and limit you!
Get it checked before it becomes a serious injury and takes more time away from your sport. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Visit to see how Innovated Physical Therapy can help you to get back to what you love with a strong base for self progression.
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