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Whether you are novice weightlifter or an elite athlete, we all experience nagging aches and pains.  It is important to recognize the difference between workout associated pain and injury.  Workout associated pains typically include muscle soreness, fatigue, and will usually alleviate with time.  An injury, for example, is when you are performing a specific lift and it is starting to prevent you from performing that lift, does not typically alleviate with rest, and may feel like going to give out or catching/grinding.  Getting these injuries treated when you first start having them, you can prevent from sustaining a more serious injury.  The sooner the treatment, the less time lost in the weight room to continue to reach your goals.
Innovate Physical Therapy is a performance based physical therapy clinic.  We will perform a functional assessment on you and determine what is the root cause of your limitations and dysfunctions.  We will utilize manual techniques to improve mobility, structural balance, and neuromuscular control.   Your fitness goals are our goals and we will specifically tailor your physical therapy treatments to achieve that.  We will also work with your coaches/trainers to help you get better faster. 
Don't let an injury slow you down and keep you from reaching your goals.  Schedule a complimentary Discovery Visit to see how Innovate Physical Therapy can help you achieve your fitness goals without pain or limitation. 
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