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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is typically required after orthopaedic surgical procedures (including: shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, spine, ankle, etc).  Physical therapy will help you to recover and restore function faster. 

​​At Innovate Physical Therapy, we will work with your surgeon on your specific protocol for recovery.  We will utilize manual techniques to improve your range of motion, restore tissue mechanics, neuromuscular control, and strength to return you to your previous level of function.  A home exercise program will also be developed to help you recover faster.  Our goal is to get you back to your active lifestyle without limitation.

When do you start physical therapy?  Physical therapy will begin at surgeons recommendation which may be within a few hours of surgery to a few weeks.  Surgeon will provide you with a prescription and possibly a protocol (depending on procedure), and will instruct you on when to begin therapy. 

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