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Hear from our Innovate Family:

“Before my sessions with Christina, I thought PT was a bit of a hoax; but she completely changed my view.  My doctors told me that after my surgery (Bilateral Knee Replacements), I would be able to get back to hiking, easy cycling, green and easy blue snowboarding runs and frankly, I would have been happy with that.  Approximately 3 months after my second surgery I was able to go out for a 30-mile bike ride with no pain.  In addition, I was snowboarding again within 7 months.  After 9 months post-op, I was back doing double diamond expert runs.  Christina helped me get my life back.  It wasn’t easy, it was a lot of hard work, and a lot of pain, but it was pain that was so worth it when I took my first ski runs with my daughter last winter and that never would have happened without Christina’s help.“

~ Curtis, age 42

“I was six months post op from a labrum repair in my shoulder and had previously finished a round of conventional PT (range of motion & exercises), but had marginal success.  I was referred to Innovate Physical Therapy by a coworker.  After learning about Innovate’s treatment philosophy, I decided to book an appointment.  My first appointment was amazing!  Lots of education about my body; I learned how everything was connected and how impediments in one area will affect other areas dramatically.  The result was unbelievable amounts of immediate and tangible increases in mobility and comfort.  I recommend friends and family to Innovate PT and I tell them,

‘I swear by Christina, she changed my rehabilitative life!’”              

~ Eoin, age 24

"As a dancer, I look for other dancers when it comes to care of my body.  Having a physical therapist that understands dance was extremely helpful.  After taking 8 years off from dance and returning professional dancing, my body was not handling the transition very well.  After 3 appointments, my pain was completely gone!  I was able to return to my dance classes with no trouble. 

Christina is top notch and I highly recommend her!

Angela, Ormao Dance Company

"I was having trouble with my rib shifting and it was causing a lot of pain in my back.  After seeing two osteopathic specialists, the second one recommended PT.  After seeing Christina, I saw some pain relief right away.  The next day after seeing her would be even better.  She gave me exercises to help strengthen my muscles. 

I was able to stop my pain meds and muscle relaxers after a few visits. 

Her use of manual technique was key to my pain relief and healing."

                         ~ Melissa, age 33                       

"Before working with Christina I had pushed through my workouts experiencing pain, limited range of motion, and inability to actively engage certain muscles. With training 7 days a week and certain body parts multiple times a week I needed more advanced help than stretching on my own. Meeting Christina gave me that. I had a bodybuilding show coming up in one month when we first met, so I was hesitant to change anything with my body/progress. She was able to release tension and muscles that were adhered for months! I was able to push harder in my workouts and recover quicker. I believe her therapy helped tremendously leading me to win the overall at the NPC Rocky Mountain 2016. I still continue to see her weekly for checkups and work. She is extremely friendly and professional. I have referred multiple clients and friends of mine to her. 

Highly recommended!!!"

~ Andrea, age 29, Miss Rocky Mountain 2016

"I've tried everything to unfreeze my lower back. Innovate has finally given me lasting results. My power lifting numbers have gone way up and so has my flexibility.

Highly recommended."

~ Vicki, age 54

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