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We help people of all ages achieve their goals, eliminate pain, improve mobility, so they can return to their
active lifestyle without limitation. 


​​Innovate Physical Therapy is repainting your picture of traditional physical therapy.  Our philosophy treats the human body as an integrated system by utilizing hands-on, innovative techniques to optimize function and maximize potential. We are dedicated to providing you an amazing experience, getting you back to your activities quickly without pain or limitation.



Innovate Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy techniques. 

Why Innovate?

  • One-on-one appointments with a physical therapist

  • Hands-on, manual treatments

  • Complimentary Discovery Sessions

Click for more information regarding treatments provided and common reasons to attend physical therapy.


Want to know more about what Innovate clients have to say about their physical therapy experience?

Click the link below to read what they have to say.

"I've tried everything to unfreeze my lower back. Innovate has finally given me lasting results. My power lifting numbers have gone way up and so has my flexibility. Highly recommended."   ~Vicki


Not sure if physical therapy is for you?  Book a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute Discovery session to meet out team, check out the clinic, and see if we are the right fit for your needs. 

During this meeting, you will meet with your physical therapist to discuss what is going on and determine your best course of action.

We are excited to meet you! 

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute Discovery session now!



We love when people contact us.....Leave us a message!

1935 Jamboree Dr., Suite 202

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Phone:  719.260.1493

Fax:  719.260.1494

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